Beavis and Butthead I Am the Great Cornholio Official T‑Shirt

Beavis and Butthead Great Cornholio T Shirt “I am the great Cornholio, now give me your TP” and dress just like Beavis with this hysterical t-shirt. After consuming large amounts of sugar or caffeine, Beavis can't help but become the “Great Cornholio!” Now you can be like Beavis with this great Beavis and Butthead t-shirt. The image of Beavis with his hands in the air and his shirt around the top of his head, you can almost hear him saying “I am the great cornholio”! This t-shirt will get you tons of laughs and if you really want to make your friends laugh, just pull your shirt over your head like Beavis…”I need TP for my bunghole”!


Product Description

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