Cosmic Zombie Babies T‑Shirt (Black) UK

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If youÂ’re a fan of the classic jelly babies sweets then check out this awesome Cosmic Zombie Babies T Shirt. This funny womanÂ’s top features colourful little jelly babies that have been given a zombie makeover and look all scary and threatening, making them look they might bite you back if you tried to chew on them.

This amusing parody shirt from the quirky alternative fashion brand Cosmic is ideal for those that like to dress with an alternative style and can add a light hearted edge to your look. Anyone that loves zombies will undoubtedly appreciate this shirt that can be worn for all different occasions and as part of any casual outfit.

So if youÂ’ve always wondered what it would be like if your favourite sweets suddenly turned into an angry horde of zombies then get your hands on this Cosmic Zombie Babies T shirt that features jelly babies given an undead makeover!