Peacock T-Shirt Crystal Animal Diamante T-Shirt Bling gem Animal

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Peacock Feather Bling T – Shirt

Size Chart

Small – Chest 36 / Height 28
Medium – Chest 40 / Height 29
Large – Chest 44 / Height 30
Extra Large – Chest 48 / Height 31

This T-shirt has been made up from CrystalsRus best grade GLASS rhinestones
and satin and glitter fabrics.
We have used there products to bring you a new range of unique t-shirts.

All our Bling garments are hand made and crafted in the UK and are made to order, so you definitely wont have to worry about seeing someone else wearing your t-shirt.

What so special about our Bling-T-shirts?

Some of our designs feature one special motif from our collection, while others bear a unique “fusionâ€ incorporating two or three of our rhinestone motif designs; plus additional stones applied by hand.

These personalized creations are hand crafted works of T-shirt art that you will love to wear, receive and give. Our stars, butterflies, music notes, and other shapes and themes create an individual personal style statement that truly overshadows mass produced cookie cutter Tee shirt designs created by machines.


Product Description

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