GI Joe Retaliation Galvanized Iron Series Official T‑Shirt

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GI Joe Retaliation Galvanized T Shirt This dark brown G.I. Joe t shirt plays on the fact that “G.I.” originally stood for “galvanized iron,” a phrase that was stamped on many U.S. Army supplies during World War I. During World War II the initials came to stand for “Government Issue,” and many people do not know the original meaning. The GI Joe Retaliation Galvanized T Shirt corrects that misperception while also boasting a black-and-white version of the G.I. Joe eagle logo. This G.I. Joe t shirt is a distressed print shirt with the year “2012” emblazoned in red as well. Wear it as a lead-in to the upcoming sequel, G.I. Joe: Retaliation.


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