Star Wars Comic Cover Official T‑Shirt

Star Wars Comic Cover T Shirt Only true Star Wars fans know that Marvel actually put out a Star Wars series of comic books from 1977 to 1986. Spanning 107 issues, the series was so popular that it is said to have single-handedly saved Marvel from financial ruin. This clever Star Wars comic book style T-shirt honors that fantastic run with a rendering of a cover that features all your favorite characters in full color. Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca and Han Solo interact with one another through true comic-style talk bubbles, while a classic Star Wars logo and comic book depiction frames the action. A red background and yellow, blue and purple coloring inspire the action-packed look of this Star Wars T-shirt. The officially-licensed image on this Star Wars comic cover T-shirt means that every character and depiction is true to the original, with each and every detail honoring the beloved comic, right down to the detailing in Chewbacca’s fur. A distressed, screen-printed design shows Han Solo in action beneath wording that celebrates the epic space opera. “The greatest space fantasy film of all,” it declares. This T-shirt is absolutely perfect for diehard Star Wars fans who know the films and comics inside and out. An ideal gift for the Star Wars fan and comic book junkie alike, this shirt is sure to be the cherry on top of any collection.


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