Big Bang Theory Sheldon Penny The Hero Always Peeks Official T-Shirt


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Big Bang Theory Hero Peeks T Shirt From the episode when poor Penny slips in the tub and dislocates her shoulder, Sheldon comes to her aid. Penny unable to clothe herself nor drive to the hospital, Sheldon has to help her get dressed, but promises her, he will not look. Sheldon later questions her on a tattoo on her buttock, in which she asked “How’d you see it, I thought you weren’t going to look?” he simply replies “The hero always peeks”. With that statement printed on this t-shirt with Sheldon and Penny’s images above us, shows us just how great these two characters make us laugh. The blue t-shirt makes the yellow print stand out, making it a one of a kind t-shirt that any Big Bang fan will love to wear.

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