Breaking Bad Heisenberg T‑Shirt (Black) UK

Fans of one of the most badass and coolest television characters ever written will definitely want to get their hands on this awesome Breaking Bad Heisenberg T Shirt. This official merchandise tee includes a black and white photo print of Heisenberg, the criminal alter ego of the showÂ’s main character, Walter White.

One of the biggest draws of Breaking Bad is the exploits of Heisenberg, the identity Walter White takes on when cooking and dealing meth in order to pay for his cancer treatment. HeÂ’s considered one of the coolest TV show characters ever made and this cool tee pays fitting tribute to him, and is perfect for all his fans.

So, want to look almost as cool as Heisenberg himself? Then get your hands on this awesome Breaking Bad t shirt in tribute to the iconic character thatÂ’s made the show as popular as it is and a worldwide sensation.