Family Guy All I Know T-shirt

Who needs kindergarten when you’ve got “Family Guy?” Finally, all of the priceless lessons imparted by the classic comedy series have been collected on a single t-shirt.The included kernels of wisdom are as follows: “A Quahog is a clam. Dogs and babies can talk, listen to them. Death is no good with the ladies. Nudists are people too. When you’re beautiful, doors magically open for you. The dinosaurs died out because you touch yourself. Don’t take coupons from giant chickens. Greased up guys are impossible to catch. Don’t accept pop-cicles from weird old men. Evil monkeys aren’t as evil as they seem. Pimples, however are very evil. Purgatory isn’t great, but it isn’t bad either. Everything works out if you do whatever you want. Don’t trust people in checkered suits. Don’t buy volcano insurance. You can’t eat a stapler. Don’t do ‘Toad.’ TV is freakin’ sweet. Petitions actually work.” Blue 100% Cotton Officially Licensed Standard Fit More Family Guy items: Family Guy Merchandise