Sons of Anarchy Fear the Reaper Flame Official T‑Shirt

Sons of Anarchy Flame Reaper T Shirt This blazing t shirt is a tribute to the fictional motorcycle gang on the TV show Sons of Anarchy . This Sons of Anarchy t shirt is black with a double sided print. The Sons of Anarchy Flame Reaper T Shirt features a flaming grim reaper’s head on the front with the initials “SAMCRO,” for Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club, Redwood Original. On the back is a large image of the grim reaper leaping forward with a scythe and an M-16 with a blade, engulfed in flame and surrounded by the words “Sons of Anarchy, Fear the Reaper” in big black letters on a white circle background. You’ll enjoy showing this fiery and dramatic image to your friends when you wear this Sons of Anarchy t shirt!


Product Description

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