Machine Head Unto the Locust Bones Official T-Shirt


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Machine Head Locust Bones T Shirt This Machine Head t shirt features the crest of the heavy metal band on the front and the lyrics to the song “Locust” on the back. The Machine Head Locust Bones T Shirt is black with a double sided distressed print. The lyrics are: “Sweet caress grazes my skin. It’s loveless, these hooks sink in. Behind an angel’s disguise, an insect preys. Mandibles cut like a knife, a reckoning. Forming clouds, their shadow shrouds. Louder the tattered wings they sound. Down they come, the swarm of locusts. Skies above converge to choke us. Feast of souls consume the harvest. Young and old, suffer unto the locust. Surrender, these veins are bled. Devoured, nothing sacred. Strings pull the marionettes. See how they dance upon the winds that beget our pestilence. Forming clouds, their shadow shrouds. Bleeding from my eyes, this plague is sent to erase us. Bleeding from inside, these vermin can’t infiltrate us. Faith appears, and holds a candle. Hark, the angels sing.”

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