DC Comics Batman Bane Comic Face Baby Doll Tee

Batman Bane Comic Face Baby Tee Do you see a large, foreboding face or a mysterious robed figure raising up two arms? The double image on this fascinating Batman t shirt is guaranteed to draw interest, even though Batman fans know this is the mask of super-villain Bane. The Batman Bane Comic Face Baby Tee is available in girls’ and womens’ sizes. The black tee features a distressed print pattern and is form fitted. Wearing the Bane t shirt is a great way to anticipate the third entry in the Batman Begins movie series, titled The Dark Knight Rises .

DC Comics Batman Character Costume Body Apron

Batman Costume Apron Now you can cook like a superhero with this Batman apron! Who wouldn’t want to possess all of the strengths and abilities Batman has and he sure can cook. At least you can look like you can when this apron is wrapped around you. With just Batman’s body on this apron, you’ll look like you are wearing his grey and blue suit. With his muscle showing and yellow and black bat symbol on his chest you’ll be the hero of any dinner party!

DC Comics Batman Robin 2 Heroes are Better than 1 Baby Doll Tee by JUNK FOOD

Batman 2 Heroes Baby Tee Holey smokes Batman, I think I’m in love! And you will be too with this Batman and Robin classic t-shirt! You will have loads of fun when wearing this t-shirt out. The famous dynamic duo looks great in their retro costumes displayed inside two rainbow hearts! Everyone who sees you in this shirt will have to agree that 2 superheroes are better than 1.

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